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sUAS Technician

For great information about sUAS in CAP visit the Michigan Wing Page

KY Wing Google Classroom

You can also join the KY Wing Google Classroom (contact Captain Pinella for the link, details below) where you can complete various SQTR tasks for Mission Pilot and Technician.

There are instructions there under "Classroom" which is where you will spend most of your time. The Classroom resembles the SQTR for Technician and Mission Pilot. Currently both are represented in the single Google Classroom. If you are only interested in Technician at this time just ignore the Mission Pilot portion.

The Classroom is open to all, Seniors and Cadets.

Remember that a Cadet of any age can become an sUAS Technician but you need to be 16 at least to become a sUAS Mission Pilot.  This is due to the requirement to have earned an FAA Part 107 Certificate and the FAA requires a minimum of age 16 for that.

For example:

  • You are working on SQTR item P-5103 Discuss Types of Flights Performed by CAP UAS Aircrews.
    • Watch the video on this topic. Take notes!
    • Review and study any material associated with this topic
    • Take the Associated --->P5103 Skills Evaluation Quiz
    • In Ops Quals enter CAPID 649375
      • We will review the quiz and contact you if there are any quiz questions we should discuss
      • After any issues are resolved you will have completed this SQTR task and it should show up in Green

Note: Some SQTR items do not have an associated quiz. Typically those are the "participate" or "demonstrate" variety. Those will have to be done on a more one on one basis.

If you have any questions please Captain Pinella at

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