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Airplane Mission Pilot

To become an Airplane Mission Pilot, Civil Air Patrol members must hold certain prerequisites, master mission pilot theory, then hone their skills through practical experience in the aircraft and in discussions with a skills evaluator. The steps to qualification are laid out below.

How view your progress towards Mission Pilot

Like all emergency services ratings, you can view your progress in eServices on an SQTR (training record) under Operations Qualifications. Follow this link to learn how.

Commander Approval 

Several tasks in the SQTR state that commander approval is required. Contact your squadron commander or deputy for approval.

Key Prerequisites

  • Active Mission Scanner 
  • Hold at least  hours 175 PIC to begin training, and 200 hours to qualify
  • Be a qualified CAP Pilot and Transport Mission Pilot 


Mission Pilot requires the completion of FEMA course IS200. Click here to learn about FEMA courses.


Self study and testing modules

For Mission Pilot you must complete the following modules in AXIS. These modules are similar to those you will have completed during Level 1 of professional development. Click here for instructions on accessing AXIS. Completion of these modules will automatically update your Mission Pilot  SQTR.

  • ICUT - Introductory Communications User Training (requires final in person test. See find a skills evaluator)
  • CAPT 117 ES Continuing Education Exam - Part 2

Preparatory Knowledge

To gain the specific knowledge required to perform the duties of Mission Pilot you may use any combination of three options. Self study, recorded webinar, or in person training at your squadron depending how you learn best. Once complete you should meet with a Skills Evaluator who will assess your knowledge and complete the preparatory tasks in your SQTR. Click here to learn how to find a skills evaluator.

Option 1: Reference text and self study

This text is the official reference for Mission Pilot.

Option 2: Webinars and Video

SQTR Task Video Link
O-2003 Watch
O-2004, O-2009 Watch
O-2101, P-2001 Watch
P-2002, P-2003, P-2004 Watch
P-2005, P2028 Watch






(If prompted for a username password to watch the video, enter your KY Wing email username and password)

Option 3: In Person Training

Contact your squadron Operations Officer, Emergency Services Officer or any command staff to arrange in person/group training.


Once you reach this point you are ready to fly and put your knowledge into practice. You will fly on at least two flights (sorties) with a Mission Pilot skills evaluator on a simulated exercise. Contact your skills evaluator or Operations Officer to arrange these flights.

Finally you must complete a CAPF 91 check-ride with a Mission Check Pilot

And remember, this is not a test! These are training exercises not examinations.


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