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Emergency Services

Civil Air Patrol missions are flown as a crew and most members are not in fact pilots yet still perform important aircrew roles as part of Civil Air Patrol's emergency services. Each qualification is valid for three years.

Mission Scanner

Mission Scanner is often the first aircrew qualification senior members earn and is a prerequisite for some qualifications. Scanners have various logging and crew coordination tasks on route, however once at 'station', the Scanner's primary duty begins. The Scanner looks outside the aircraft towards the ground carefully scanning for the objective of the mission. The scanner may also be required to coordinate with ground teams via radio in collaboration with the Mission Observer.

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Mission Observer

The Mission Observer usually sits in the front right seat of the aircraft and assists with planning, navigation, location of distress beacons, crew coordination and especially coordination and reporting to ground based teams and operational bases. They often also assist the scanner with visual searches.

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Airborne Photographer

Many Civil Air Patrol emergency missions require delivery of aerial photographs with exacting specifications to other agencies and customers. Taking great photographs from the air takes practice, and can be especially rewarding.

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Airplane Mission Pilot / Transport Mission Pilot

A mission pilot is an FAA qualified individual flying the aircraft on a real or training mission with a crew of mission scanner, observer and photographer. Mission pilots master skills not taught during regular flight training. 

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sUAS (drone) Technician

The sUAS Technician is a non pilot role which assists the sUAS Mission Pilot in conducting sUAS missions. These duties may include planning, safety, target acquisition, image processing, designing search patterns and equipment maintenance.

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sUAS (drone) Mission Pilot

Like the Airplane Mission Pilot, the sUAS Mission Pilot is an FAA qualified individual operating the sUAS to complete the mission as assigned. They will often be assisted by an sUAS Technician.

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