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WMIRS Checklist

This checklist is a guide for new pilots to help them complete, fly, and close a sortie in WMIRS in Kentucky Wing. You must follow all CAP regulations applicable to flying at all times.

WMIRS itself has some great training videos you should review here.

You can also create a sortie to practice, and cancel it when you are done.

Aircraft Availability

In WMIRS, go to Support --> Scheduling Module. This displays a calendar of aircraft availability.

You have to tell WMIRS which aircraft you are interested in. You do this by clicking 'Aircraft Availability'

Pre Flight

  • Check that the aircraft you need is available
  • Reserve the aircraft which you interested in by creating a sortie and completing the main page
  • Fill out the briefing page
  • Remember, all fields must be completed on both the main and briefing pages before flight. If something does not apply put N/A. Many fields do not apply to training flights.
  • Although weather fields say optional, Kentucky requires that you complete them with relevant METAR and TAF data
  • Attach a weight and balance calculation to the sortie
  • Complete the ORM

Flight release

  • For most flights, obtain a flight release within 24 hours of your planned departure time. 
  • You can find a list of FRO's here

Post flight

  • Return to your sortie in WMIRS and go to the debrief section
  • Again, complete all fields or put N/A - empty data means you missed it!
  • Annotate your fuel receipt to show mission, sortie, PIC name, aircraft, gallons and $$ - be sure to select either the Wing/NHQ paid checkboxes (or no fuel)
  • Attach the fuel receipt to your sortie

And that's it!  Remember, as PIC, it is your responsibility to fill out the sortie before flight, and to close it afterwards. Do not rely on your wing staff or FRO! It is not their responsibility to do it for you. Also, feel free to ask your CFI, FRO or squadron command staff if you are unsure. They are there to help you learn.


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