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Self Funded Flying


Pilots may choose to self fund their flying of Civil Air Patrol aircraft to retain currency or to progress towards a new rating such as Commercial, Instrument or CFI.

Consult CAPR 70-1 CAP Flight Management for more information on types of training permitted.

Note that self funded flying is not a flying club and must follow the regulations defined by Civil Air Patrol


All self funded flying is conducted on a corporate "C" mission symbol and in each case must follow one of the proficiency profiles described in CAPS 71-5 Corporate Approved Proficiency Flight Profiles.


A spreadsheet is available to calculate the cost of self funded flying which also includes payment instructions. Click here.

Note: The Personal (Member) Credit Card paragraph on Page 37 of the Onboarding Pamphlet does not apply to self-funded flights in the Kentucky Wing.  Instead, pilots shall use the B&C Mission Multi-Service cad in the aircraft and follow the instructions on the Pilot Self-Funded Flight Cost Calculator spreadsheet. 

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