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New Pilot Onboarding

Aircraft operations and the rules surrounding them in the Civil Air Patrol are defined in CAPR 70-1. To fly a Civil Air Patrol aircraft you must have conducted what CAP calls a 'Form 5' which is essentially a CAP specific check ride every 12 months. This 'Form 5' also may be counted as your flight review through the FAA Wings program

Click Here for the CAP New Pilot Onboarding Guide

Note: The Personal (Member) Credit Card paragraph on Page 37 of the Onboarding Pamphlet does not apply to self-funded flights in the Kentucky Wing.  Instead, pilots shall use the B&C Mission Multi-Service cad in the aircraft and follow the instructions on the Pilot Self-Funded Flight Cost Calculator spreadsheet.  A link to this spreadsheet can be found in the Related Links section of this web page.


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